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LEGO Wish List: Spider-Man Edition

LEGO Wish List: Spider-Man Edition

LEGO SpidermanI’m in love with the LEGO Superhero line. Which is kind of obvious if you know me. After all, the wall of comic books in my house and the crates full of LEGO are a bit of a clue. I’ve been slowly building my collection of LEGO superhero figures – always keeping an eye out for the ones I need to fill the gaps.

A couple of months ago, I began work on a new LEGO project – recreating Spider-Man’s…

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Giant-Size Kung Fu Bible Stories

Giant-Size Kung Fu Bible Stories


20140725-200710-72430617.jpgA San Diego Comic-Con comic book exclusive from Image Comics is Giant-Size Kung Fu Bible Stories. Not sure if it actually has anything to do with the Bible but the creators involved look top-notch. Hopefully it will find its way on to Comixology so I can check it out.

An exclusive collector’s edition you won’t want to miss
Edited by Erik…

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Coming Soon - Exodus: Gods and Kings

Coming Soon – Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus Gods and Kings MosesNoah, while totally not a Bible based movie (sure, it had some similarities to what happens in Genesis, but it wasn’t rooted in Scripture) at least got people talking about God and the Bible. Will Exodus: Gods and Kings do the same?


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Coming Soon: Black Jesus

Coming Soon: Black Jesus

Black JesusYou know Jesus wasn’t a white guy with blonde hair, right? Totally wasn’t. Now I’m not saying he was a black guy either (he was a Middle Eastern Jew after all) but I’m kind of interested in Black Jesus, a new show from Adult Swim.


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Who Owns The Trademark To What Would Jesus Do?

Who Owns The Trademark To What Would Jesus Do?


20140725-195009-71409949.jpg I’m not sure it was possible to be a young Christian in the 1990′s and not own something that had What Would Jesus Do? written on it. I’m not sure where in the Bible God gave that command but it must be in there somewhere. Everything from bracelets to t-shirts to Bible covers – WWJD? was everywhere.

Which makes me a little bit surprised that no-one had claimed a trademark on the phrase.


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Getting excited for #oxygen14 - Who else is going?

Getting excited for #oxygen14 - Who else is going?


 I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right. — Billy Graham


 I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right. 
— Billy Graham

Sermon: The Known God

Sermon preached at St Luke’s Liverpool on Sunday the 6th of July.

The Known God from Acts 17:16-34


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Progress Report: LEGO Daily Bugle

Progress Report: Lego Daily Bugle

2014-07-10 22.15.45After finishing my Krang project, I wasted no time getting started on something new. Something bigger. Something that would combine two of my favourite LEGO themes – Superheroes and the modular buildings.

The Daily Bugle Building.

One part stand-alone-building, one part superhero diorama, Spider-Man will battle a whole bunch of his villains on the roof of the Daily Bugle. Detailed inside and out,…

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